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This will epitomise inane until a structure is decided

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Subtitle: This will epitomise inane until a structure is decided
Summary: You are invited to the inane, pointless chatter of Tom Inniss. At some point this might expand to some kind of coherent chat show, but for now... not so much. If you are looking for a more engaging podcast, you might enjoy 'Tom Inniss Interviews...' - A podcast where I interview celebrities, artists, and generally people I admire.
Author: Tinman Podcasts; Category: Audio Blogs; Explicit: Yes

Track Listing

Tom Inniss / Sleeping Rough in Central London0:16:3732kbps84410038.59 MB
For my psychogeography special project I decided I would try and experience homelessness. I was ill-prepared for how horrible it would be, and didn't bring even the basics like a sleeping bag or a cardboard box to keep me off the floor. It was a humbling experience, but one I hope to never repeat again, and my heart goes out to every person who has to suffer such an ordeal.

Tom Inniss / Let's Stay Together - Ipswich Pro-EU Rally0:07:14192kbps480009.97 MB
Brexit is one of the most divisive political situations the country has ever faced. Emotions have overruled rational thinking on both sides since before the vote, and we have failed to get them in check in the 18-months since. With a year to go before the UK leaves the EU, people are starting to ask 'Is it Worth Is?' Now we are presented with the real cost of Brexit, should we not get a say on whether we will support our departure from the union? That is what these marchers on the Ipswich Waterfront are demanding - a say on the final Brexit deal.
Coverage of the EU rally on 24 March
keywords: Brexit, culture, Ipswich, eu, deal, government

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