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An interview show where the guests are people from wide and varied careers in the arts, entertainment and political industries.

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Subtitle: An interview show where the guests are people from wide and varied careers in the arts, entertainment and political industries.
Summary: 'Tom Inniss interviews...', which used to be called the 'Tom Inniss Podcast' is a podcast where people from all walks of life get interviewed by the host, Tom Inniss. Tom is a politics student who works as a journalist within the arts sector, and has a (not so) secret love for technology. This show was originally created as an excuse for Tom to talk to celebrities he loved and admires, but has since opened doors for him to talk to people he never knew about, but hold prestige or influence within their relevant sectors. This is a show of exposing talent, humanising the celebrity and generally messing around.
Author: Tinman Podcasts; Category: Arts & Entertainment; Explicit: Yes

Track Listing

Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Doug Segal, Rik Carranza & James Hamilton0:24:3463999.93200011.54 MB
It's a comedy bonanza with 3 of the festivals hottest acts! Unfortunately it was conducted in one of the festivals most popular venues, and subsequently is plagued with horrible background noise. Doug Segal is a mentalist Rik Carranza is a music playing comedian James Hamilton is the dark mastermind and whip cracker of Casual Violence.

keywords: Doug Segal, Rik Carranza, James Hamilton, Casual Violence, Edinburgh Festival, Tom Inniss
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Festival of the Spoken Nerd0:25:4263999.53200012.07 MB
Second of a few Edinburgh specials. This time I meet with 2/3 of the delightful and charming Festival of the Spoken Nerd. Science, nerdity, and all the gossip of Kanye and Kim await you...

keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Edinburgh Festival, FOTSN
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Alex Horne0:22:5063999.33200010.72 MB
The first of a few Edinburgh Fringe special interviews, I go to meet comedian and author Alex Horne, to discuss his new show, his time in Edinburgh and why he has a lying compulsion.

keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Alex Horne, Lies, Edinburgh Festival
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Joe Craig, again!1:33:5264kbps3200043.97 MB
Two years was long enough. I decided to go back to Joe Craig and have another enjoyably long chat with him about his work processes, his opinions on e-books and how steel workers take part in the shafting of musicians. Take two hours to just sit back, unwind and let your mind travel on this surreal yet somehow incredibly focused interview, then go visit his website.

keywords: Tom Inniss, Joe Craig, Interview, Jimmy Coates, Blackout, Book, Author
The Tom Inniss Podcast / Tom Inniss Interviews... Jon Edwards0:22:5463999.63200010.76 MB
I get a brief half an hour with transgender author Jon Edwards, where we discuss his new autobiography. Also discussed is the current lack of awareness and genuine discussion regarding the transgender community, and his beard.
Friend and author talks to me about his life and writing
keywords: Tom Inniss, Jon Edwards, Transgender, Author
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Michael Carroll1:41:2763999.93200047.51 MB
Trialling the first of hopefully many online interviews, I talk to Michael Carroll, smooth voiced Irish author about a plethora of topics, including Batman, Dredd, the political system, writing techniques and much more.
Author of the New Heroes series as well as writer for Dredd in 2000AD talks over the internet
keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Michael Carroll, Dredd, New Heroes
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews… Andy Ellis0:25:5264kbps4410011.85 MB
In this episode of Tom Inniss Interviews... I head into central London to interview the director of the Public Catalogue Foundation, Andrew Ellis. The PCF have just finished a 10 year project working with the BBC to dititalise all of the publicly owned oil paintings. This podcast was brought to you in association with Arts Award Voice.
PFC director chats about the 10 year project they have just completed
keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Andy Ellis, PCF, Oil Painting
Tom Inniss / Arkham City Converse Unboxing0:04:1904410049.22 MB
The unboxing of my new Converses. The video is surprisingly dark and iMovie does a poor job of brightening it so I left it dark. I also sound like I am having an asthma attack - I'm not, I think i just had the camera too close to my face..
I have new shoes!
keywords: Tom Inniss, Arkham City, Batman, Converse, Unboxing
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews… Heather Stradling0:22:5664kbps4410010.5 MB
I talk to the director of Zinc, Heather Stradling, about her career in the arts, and the importance of getting as many people engaged in the arts as possible. Zinc specialises in helping disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people progress in the arts, and their website is, and can also be found on twitter and facebook.
Disabled and disadvantaged youth engagement activist explains the importance of her work
keywords: Tom Inniss, Heather Stradling, Zinc Arts, Disability, Engagement
Tom Inniss / Christmas Podcast0:03:2704410038.42 MB
A christmas podcast from the Inniss household, hoping you all had a great day, and have a fantastic new year. Spread the word!
Why should the Queen be the only one to address the nation?
keywords: Tom Inniss, Christmas, Speech, Nightmare
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Joe Craig1:30:1863999.93200042.3 MB
I interview author, songwriter, screenplay writer and film writer (general writing god as I'm sure he'd like to be known) Joe Craig. Known predominantly for the Jimmy Coates series, we discuss everything and anything, including bread, tea, the BBC, comic books and Scottish leprechauns
An incredibly surreal interview with an incredibly nice man
keywords: Tom Inniss, Joe Craig, Interview, Jimmy Coates, Book, Author
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss interviews…. David Ruffley MP0:25:260300.00512.06 MB
Tom Inniss interviews David Ruffley, the MP for Bury St Edmunds since 1997. The podcast is very short this time, as it was during one of his drop in clinics, where we only are given 15 minutes with him. I managed to squeeze 24 minutes out of him, but still didn't get to ask all of my questions. Please rate, subscribe, leave a comment, you know the drill. Enjoy
Bury St Edmunds MP talks about his life as a politician
keywords: Tom Inniss, MP, David Ruffley, Bury St Edmunds
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews...Doug Segal1:02:220300.00529.39 MB
The second episode in the mini series Tom Inniss Interviews.... I meet "mentalist" Doug Segal, who has just returned from a highly successful Edinburgh Fringe Show. We discuss how he came to be a "mentalist", his views on reality TV and his obsessions... Remember to subscribe to the podcast to receive all future interviews, and please rate the show. Doug Segal's website for his current tour is - Visit it to find out where you can see him next.
Mentalist chats in depth about the show biz life
keywords: Tom Inniss, Doug Segal, Mentalist, Illusion
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews...Iain Lee0:43:4763999.83200020.54 MB
The first episode in a branch off series called Tom Inniss interviews... I meet Absolute Radio DJ Iain Lee, interviewing him and allowing listeners to see the real Iain,instead of his on air persona. We discuss his early career as a stand up, a TV presenter, and his appearance on the Channel 4 show "Come Dine With Me", among other things... Remember to subscribe to the podcast to receive all future interviews. If you want to hear Iain on air then tune in to Absolute Radio, Monday to Thursdays starting from 23:00.
Iain Lee from Absolute Radio sits down to talk to me
keywords: Iain Lee, Tom Inniss, Podcast, Absolute Radio
The Tom Inniss Podcast / Tom Inniss Interviews... Juliet Forster0:40:000300.00518.88 MB
The Arts Award Youth Network Leadership Team get a unique opportunity to talk to the associate director of the York Theatre Royal, Juliet Forster. The interview came immediately after the opening night of a three week run of 'See How They Run' - a theatre farse classic.

keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Juliet Forster, Theatre York
The Tom Inniss Podcast / Tom Inniss Interviews... FOTSN, again!0:29:300300.00513.9 MB
I meet with FOTSN again, this time in the Bloomsbury Theatre on the second (or first) night of their UK wide tour!
Festival of the Spoken Nerd are back, now touring around the UK
keywords: Tom Inniss, Interviews, FOTSN, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Helen Arney, Matt Parker, Steve Mould
Tom Inniss / Interview with Josh Savage0:41:4863999.73200019.59 MB
On this episode of Tom Inniss Interviews... I am joined by Arts Award Voice content editor, Flossie, who helps me to interview singer/songwriter Josh Savage. This interview was produced originally for use in the brand new Arts Award Voice Podcast, which is available for download on iTunes. For more information visit Josh's music is available to download at If you have enjoyed this show then please do subscribe and rate 5 stars. If you REALLY liked it then maybe pass it on to your friends?
Tom is joined by Voice content editor Flossie to help interview musician Josh Savage
keywords: Tom Inniss, Interview, Josh Savage, Arts Award Voice, Tinman Podcasts, Music
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... ANNOUNCEMENT!0:05:2763998.2320002.58 MB
NEWS NEWS NEWS Podcast rebrand - The Tinman brand resurfaces - Advertisement for the new Arts Award Voice Podcast. Also a plea for ratings and 5* reviews.
Things are changing around here...
keywords: Tom Inniss, Interviews, announcement, Tinman Podcasts, Arts Award Voice Podcast
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Joe Craig on Creativity1:13:2363999.83200034.37 MB
Joe Craig returns, once again, only this time there was supposed to be some kind of structure. Funnily enough, that didn't really happen, and instead we engaged with a variety of interesting topics, such as the rate of pay artists receive, how royalties work, and how Joe tends to spend his day! If you enjoyed this podcast then please drop a 5 star rating on iTunes, and leave a positive comment. Enjoy your day!
Joe Craig talks about creativity
keywords: Joe Craig, Tom Inniss, Creativity, Arts Award Voice, Jimmy Coates
Tom Inniss / Tom Inniss Interviews... Sharon Reuben0:51:0732kbps344100117.89 MB
I had the privilege of heading to the offices of Festival Republic, who produce some of the most exciting festivals currently running. Latitude, Reading and Leeds, Electric Picnic, Hove and the Berlin Festival are all in the roster of Festival Republic, so it’s clear to see why they are considered so elite in the industry. I was there to talk to Sharon Reuben, who is Head of Artist Liaison within Festival Republic, but she is additionally tasked with booking the activities in the Children's, Teens and Families area of Latitude. The festival has become the first in the country to become an Arts Award Supporter organisation, and this year is embracing the award in a big way.
Sharon Reuben of Festival Republic talks to me about her job
keywords: Festival Republic, Latitude Festival, Tom Inniss, Sharon Reuben, Interview, Arts Award

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